Friday 12 June 2020

You are Never Too Old to Take Up a New Cause

Tomorrow is the birthday of Gerald Brosseau Gardner, the Father of Wicca, who lived from 1884–1964. Here is what I wrote about him as the entry for June 13 in the community book Every Day Magic - A Pagan Book of Days:
"Gerald Gardner...was hugely influential in the history of modern Pagan witchcraft. He founded the Bricket Wood coven, wrote several books on magic and witchcraft, and helped Gardnerian Wicca spread worldwide. He did this after his retirement, proving that you are never too old to take up a new cause. What might you do?"
Back in 2018, I wrote about Gerald Gardner's birthday being an inspiration to me to follow my dreams, as I enrolled to do an MA in English Literature, decades after I finished my BA. In June 2020, it seems a more appropriate time to take up a cause rather than follow a dream. The cause of #BlackLivesMatter is an important one. While I've always been in favour of equality, this particular issue is one that needs tackling urgently in order to prevent more tragic loss of life. I think pagans both young and old who care about their fellow human beings should be willing to openly take up that cause and to state so publicly, as I am doing here.

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Tina S. Richards said...

Well said! My Granney Mac who lived for 94 yrs lived and breathed by the motto "a day ista wasted if ya dinna leanrt somthng newt." And I truly believe Black Lives Matter is an excellent cause! Blessed Be Sister.