Thursday 2 July 2020

News: Witches, Viking Ship, Stonehenge and the Occult

Here is a round-up of recent news stories about witchcraft, witch beliefs, the excavation of a Viking ship, Stonehenge, and Nazi interest in the occult:

"These Parents Told Their 'Harry Potter' Loving Daughter She Was a Witch and People Are Divided" - story at Tyla:

"First Viking Ship Excavation in a Century Begins in Norway" - story at BBC News:

"The Witch Stone of Great Leighs" - story at Atlas Obscura:

"Stonehenge Hip-hop Tempts TikTok teens" - story at The Times:

"‘Buried Worlds with Don Wildman’ Episode 4 delves into the Nazis’ obsession with the occult and ancient lore" - story at Checkersaga:

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