Tuesday 11 August 2020

Magical Books: The Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic

That beautiful package wrapped in tissue paper and ribbon contains my copy of The Treadwell's Book of Plant Magic, which arrived in the post for me yesterday. 

It looked almost too pretty to break the seal and unwrap, but of course I did. While I've only glanced through the new book by Christina Oakley Harrington, I'm really looking forward to studying it and trying out the spells within its pages.

The description from Treadwell's says: "Treadwell's first ever guidebook has been two years in the making. The plants' magic powers are drawn from old remedy books, scrapbooks, and Victorian folklore collectors. Over 200 sources were consulted for the book, and every spell is footnoted discreetly at the back."

While I just bought the book on its own, which costs £11.99, you can also order two bundles of the book plus a range of dried herbs and spell candles

For £15, you get a signed copy of the book with sachets of three herbs, two spell candles and a Treadwell's badge. 

The picture to the left shows the most luxurious set. For £40 you can order a box containing the book with twelve jars of herbs and four large spell candles, plus instructions on how to use them, and for what magical purposes. The pack also includes a Treadwell's tote bag which you could use in the garden or when out foraging for herbs - although I have one I just take to do my grocery shopping. All the sets come with a spell card or two as well.

You can order the book and the boxed sets from Treadwell's online. The physical shop will be reopening at the end of August at 33 Store St, Fitzrovia, London WC1E 7BS.

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Flora said...

What a beautiful book. I love the idea of the signed copy sets.