Saturday 31 October 2020

Wind Harp: Ace of Air from the Witches' Wisdom Tarot

I drew a card for Halloween and it was the Wind Harp: the Ace of Air from the new Witches' Wisdom Tarot. This harp of bones string with spider silk offers the wisdom of the ancestors and of nature, both beautiful and terrible. Perfect for the magic of Samhain. 

This year I've been drawing a card each month from different decks. I am still enchanted with the latest addition to my collection, and with the readings it has been offering. The book that comes with the set offers the following wisdom for the Wind Harp:

"Between the bones of what was first created, the winds of summoning stir the strings woven by spiders and filled with stars. A deafening noise roars through the cosmic chord of sounds piled one upon the other. Together they are almost music. The swish of a breeze and the rustle of leaves, the melody of birdsong and the howl of a storm, and all the sounds in between... This is the magic of the Wind Harp."

The counsel of the card is to slow down, stop talking, and listen. Sometimes we need to do that in order to learn the answers to our question. The magic suggested is to go outside, feel the air on your skin, listen to the wind and think: "What is the enchantment of the moment?" On Halloween, you might even hear the whispers of those who have gone before - that is beautiful witchcraft for Samhain.

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