Thursday 14 January 2021

Practical Magic: Weight-Loss-on-a-Bike Spell…

Here's a spell by Jane Mortimer designed to give a magickal boost to anyone who is trying to lose weight and exercise more this year.

Weight~loss-on-a-bike spell (with options for those without a bicycle)

Cycling raises power.  Chanting raises power.  Combine the two and you have the means to work some wonderful weight-loss magick.

You will need

  • A slice of lemon (slice and freeze the rest of the lemon)
  • A glass of hottish water
  • A small sticky label and a pen
  • Your trusty bike*
  • A white candle, and a pin to inscribe it
  • Anointing (not essential) oil of your choice 

First check your bike and make sure you don’t have to interrupt the spell  to pump the tyres up! 

Then write the amount of weight you want to lose on the sticky label – a realistic shorter-term target - you can do this spell as often as you like.

Inscribe the candle with “lose weight”, and anoint it with your chosen oil.  Dab some of the oil on your pulse points at the same time.  Don’t light the candle at this stage.  

Now boil a kettle and make a warm drink in a small glass with the slice of lemon added, and get ready to go out.

Before you leave, drink the lemony water and visualise it swirling round your body, loosening the first thin layer of fat from where you most need to lose it.   Now say the following, keeping your goal firmly in mind:

“With this potion I set my intent.
The spell begins; on success I am bent.”

Leave the glass with the lemon slice where it is.  You’ll need it again when you get home.  

Now go and stick the label firmly on the rear wheel of your bike, so it makes contact with the ground with every rotation of the wheel.  Go off on your bike ride.  I’d recommend a minimum of half an hour’s cycling.  

Only take with you essential pocket items such as a hanky, asthma pump, door keys etc.  You need to feel light and unladen.  You’re already raising power with the action of pedalling and fast rotating wheels.  When you feel ready, visualise all the weight you intend to lose and start boosting the power by chanting to suit the rhythm of your pedalling:

“With every push I banish thee;
As this is my will, so mote it be.”

You don’t have to chant non-stop, especially when you’re putting all your energy into the uphill bits of the ride.  Just do it as much as you want to, and you can get louder if there’s no one about or the traffic’s drowning it out.  Visualise your lemony potion melting away a layer of fat as you ride.

When you get home, make the same potion again, using the same slice of lemon, drink it and bind the spell by saying:

“Factus est, ligatus est,
Per aqua mea exoneratus est.”

(This translates as “It’s done, it’s bound, it’s discharged through my water” – in other words, all the bad stuff is bound for the local treatment works!)

Visualise the potion swirling wildly around your body, emulsifying** the magically loosened fat, and next time you go to the loo, be mindful of where the spell is going!

This has been a busy spell, and you’ve worked hard at it, so don’t spoil it by rewarding yourself with a big wedge of cake!  Exercise and magick  work best with the right diet – but you already knew that.

As soon as you get a chance to relax, light the candle and see a slimmer version of you in the flame.  There’s no need to burn it right down – just  give it whatever time you can spare, keep the candle dedicated to your intent to lose weight and burn it for a while whenever you have time.

You can do this spell every time you go for a purposeful bike ride, using the lemon slices straight from the freezer.  It’s OK to substitute a squeeze of Jif or a dash of PLJ if you haven’t got a lemon.  You can drink warm water and lemon anytime too – it’s good for you.

* If you haven’t got a bike, you can morph this into a walking spell by sticking the label under your shoe before going for a walk. Chant "step" instead of "push". By the time I got home, the label on my wheel had completely disintegrated, and walking on it should have the same effect.

** This is purely metaphoric, a visualisation to manifest the reality in its own time.  It’s not the same as liposuction!

Jane Mortimer is a regular contributor to A Bad Witch's Blog. Here are links to some of her earlier posts:


Govannon Thunorwulf said...

I can attest to the raising power on a bicycle. I also meditate while riding.

Jane said...

I find cycling gets the creative juices flowing, and I can arrive home with a useful new spell falling into place.

Badwitch said...

I'm more of a walker than a cycler, although I do find going for a walk is wonderful for helping come up with creative ideas.

Pitch313 said...

Some of my Pagan pals did not understand why I enjoyed mountain biking.