Tuesday 5 January 2021

Witchy Things: The Joy of Finding a Lost Magical Item

Here's a post by Jane Mortimer, who is a regular contributor to A Bad Witch's Blog, about being reunited with an item that had gone missing:

I'm rejoicing because last night I found the candlestick in the pictures after it had been missing for at least fifteen years. I was looking in the glove box on Uncle Barney's old coat rack for a couple of other candlesticks I thought might be in there, when I felt something metallic right at the back When I pulled it out it was my precious square candlestick, which I found in a charity shop back in the nineties. 

The reason it's so special is because it's the one I used for my very first spell - 'Hot Wax' from Titania Hardie's Hocus Pocus book. In one of the pix (above) I've set it up to resemble the spell as I did it back in 1997. The spell had such a good result I wrote in to 'Best' Magazine about it and it was published as Letter of the Week. They even sent a photographer round to take a pic of me on my bike with a lot of Avon products in the front basket - I'd asked for a decent Avon order when I did the spell, and I ended up with a huge one for a lot less effort.  'Best' had recently published a selection of the spells from Titania's book when it first came out and asked readers to try them and let them know how they got on. This was what got me started on my witchy path, and the candlestick symbolises that. Witchcraft is a way of life now, and I hardly do any spells these days.  

It's so nice to be reunited with my candlestick - it's like an old friend! Do you have any magickal tools that are particularly special to you?

In answer to Jane's question, I certainly have things I love to use when I'm doing magic. I'll do a post about some in the future. If anyone else has a special magickal item, then please send a picture to badwitch1234@gmail.com and say why it is important to you. I'm happy to post the picture and details on A Bad Witch's Blog.

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Anonymous said...

If only the people of England could find Their backbones.

Badwitch said...

Anonymous - not entirely sure what that comment is about. Hope you feel less pissed off today.