Monday 15 March 2021

Pagan Eye: Spring Blossom on an Apricot Tree

I always love the blossom season. In normal years I'd happily travel to gardens and parks where I can walk under trees covered in pink petals, but this year I'm having to look a little closer to home. In fact this picture is of the flowers on my neighbour's apricot tree, photographed with his permission. 

In English folklore, apricots are associated with love and fertility; they also symbolise love in Japan. A 9th century Japanese poem by Sugawara no Michizane translates as: 

When the wind blows from the east,
Let the wind send your perfume to me,
My dear apricot.
Though you are no longer with me,
Don’t forget blooming in the spring.

Fresh apricot blossom can be added to love spells or sprinkled in your bath. You can also dry them to use later in the year for their romantic springtime symbolism. However, the petals are slightly poisonous so I wouldn't recommend eating any, despite the fact that some foragers' websites suggest using one or two as a cake garnish.

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