Monday 7 June 2021

A Big Thanks to Rachel Patterson for MoonCon21

I really want to thank my fellow Moon Books author Rachel Patterson (pictured) for organising and running MoonCon21. This was the first online conference by publisher Moon Books, featuring two days of talks and panels by pagan writers over the weekend of June 5-6, via Facebook. 

If you missed any of the talks, then you can still watch them on the Moon Books Facebook page, and later this week the recordings will also be on Moon Books' YouTube channel. I'll also be putting the recording of my own talk, which was on on Magic for the Month of June, on my own YouTube channel.

Before my talk, which was at 3pm on Saturday, I was chatting to Rachel and we both agreed that although the past year and a half has been dreadful in so many ways, one of the good things to have come out if it is the increasing number of pagan talks and conferences that are happening online. It means people can watch them wherever they are in the world without having to travel and without accessibility issues. 

If you want to find out more about any of the Moon Books authors and publications, here's the link to the main website:

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