Tuesday 8 June 2021

World Oceans Day: Making a Promise to Clean Beaches

Today is World Oceans Day, and there is an online day of virtual events on the wonders of the ocean, explaining how it is our life source, supporting every living thing on Earth. Many see paganism as a nature religion with caring for the environment as a spiritual responsibility we all share. 

We can all do our bit, if we visit waterways and beaches, by helping to clean up plastic and other rubbish that's been left there or has washed up with the tide. I would add that flotsam and jetsam can sometimes even be repurposed. A length of rope could be used in knot spell, perhaps to do weather magic or as a binding promise to do more to help the Earth in future. In the past, I found a piece of wood while beachcombing, which I turned into a staff. 

If you've found anything interesting on the beach, or have examples of ways to upcycle beachcombed items, do leave a comment. But even if all you do is remove a few discarded bottles, as least you've done your bit to keep plastic out of our seas and oceans. 

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