Monday 19 July 2021

We Can Never Tell Exactly What the Future Holds

At the weekend I took the photos of wildflowers in this collage. They are all on a patch of land beside the sea in an area of Sussex that I love. Back in 2016, there were plans to build a row of houses and a huge blog of flats there. I was part of a campaign to save the land for wildlife, but we failed. 

However, although the houses got built, the flats weren't and most of the land has returned to a state of wildness. In 2018, I took a photo of a bank of wildflowers there, but fences were still up and people couldn't walk there. Now, the fences have pretty much all been toppled and you can stroll about without any hindrance. A few bits of concrete and twisted metal are reminders that this was once a building site, but they are being reclaimed by the elements.

Five years ago I commented that it is hard to tell what the Goddess wants, and wondered whether homes for people are actually more important than homes for wildlife. Now, my thoughts are that you can never tell what the future holds. Things might seem bleak - an outcome might appear inevitable - but you can never tell. There's always room for hope.

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