Thursday 26 August 2021

Harvest Time: Thanking the Apple Tree

Here's a post by Jane Mortimer about foraging for apples and testing the success of a Wassail:

Remember when I wassailed the apple tree on the A12 back in the spring? Well, last week we passed it in the car and I noticed big red apples – big enough to see from the opposite carriageway. So the next day I went to the tree with my walking stick, bag and camera, and collected 4.44 kilos of lovely apples, virtually unblemished, and some of them straight from the tree. I said a big Thank You to the tree for giving me its apples.

The council hasn’t mowed the verge for months, so it was hard to get to, luckily for me. On the way there I spotted a huge crop of unmown yarrow and plantain, so I’ll be popping back to gather some for drying. Yarrow’s good for nosebleeds, and plantain contains a natural antibiotic that can be made into tea and applied to damaged skin.

Notes: The photos are copyright Jane Mortimer. Any health-related information on this blog is not medical advice.

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