Friday 3 September 2021

Pagan Eye: Sycamore Seeds on a Tree in September

I photographed these sycamore seeds on a tree over the fence in my neighbour's garden yesterday. Many have already spun their way to propagate new saplings. To be honest, they are a bit of a nuisance as I get thousands of baby sycamores growing all over my lawn and flowerbeds each spring, which  I can really only mow down or root up. I like trees, but you can easily get too many sycamores.

But in the autumn I love the sight of the seeds, which we used to call helicopters when I was a kid. I would pick them from the ground and throw them into the wind to see how far they would fly. You can even do this as a contest with friends. They are actually called samaras and are the fruits of the tree, pollinated from female flowers by insects and the wind. Another bit of lore about sycamore trees is that the wood is traditionally used in Wales to make love spoons. 

I'll be saying more about the natural signs of autumn in my Facebook Live talk on the Magic of September this afternoon. Here's the link:

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