Monday 4 October 2021

Pagan Eye: Candles on a Coffin in Kensal Green Crypt

Here's a photograph taken in the crypt of the Dissenters' Chapel at Kensal Green Cemetery. I was there on Saturday to give a workshop on poppets and magical dolls for London Month of the Dead, but also to listen to the talk earlier in the afternoon. That was by Iain Sinclair and was about his own exploration of crypts and cemeteries in London and Palermo. It was absxolutely fascinating.

The crypt at Kensal Green might not be full of embalmed bodies like the one below the graveyard at the Italian Capuchin monastery, but it is atmospheric. My husband John Davies took the picture above.

 London Month of the Dead is a month-long festival with online talks every Tuesday and in-person lectures, concerts, workshops and guided walks every weekend. I will be back there to give a scrying workshop on 23 October. Tickets for individual events are £12-£20. You can find the full programme here:

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The photo is copyright John Davies. 

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