Friday 22 October 2021

Review: Verity Moss - A Perpetual Diary Almanac of Herbs

I do love journals that are also full of folklore, herblore, spells and other snippets from traditional magic. Verity Moss - A Perpetual Diary Almanac of Herbs and Cures and Organic Recipes fits the bill very nicely. It is compiled by Judith Page and Paul F Newman.

As well as having lots of space for day-by-day notes throughout the year, it includes so much more. There's practical things to try like 'The Magic of Rosemary', 'Moon Phases and Planting', and 'Mirror Scrying'. There's also anecdotes about medieval customs, recipes and details about historical and mythological characters.

Much of it is written as though by a 17th century girl called Verity Moss, who was the character in the novel The Path of Verity Moss, also by Judith Page and Paul F Newman. Although the accounts of this time-travelling herbalist's apprentice are fictionalised, much of what is in these two books is well-researched history and folklore.

Verity Moss - A Perpetual Diary Almanac would make a lovely gift for a fellow witch, or just something to get as a treat for yourself to help you keep inspired over the year ahead.


Maria Isoldde said...

Wow, this book sounds very intriguing. It's definitely written in a different style that I am accustomed to which makes it more exciting. Thank you for writing this review! I'm definitely putting this book on my to-read book list.

Egypt said...

Okay Im so adding this book to my Amazon book list. As a herbalist, and eccletic with I enjoy books that bring more of the spiritual and folklore aspects about herbs.As well as spellcraft inspiration. Thanks for the review. I'll be having a look on amazon now for it.