Saturday 30 October 2021

Shakespeare's Weird Sisters Inspired Magic Fondue Spell

This is the perfect spell to stir up some fun with fellow witches, inspired by the lines given to the Weird Sisters in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. It's one of the spells in my book Pagan Portals - Candle Magic

You need:
Fondue set with a ceramic bowl heated by a candle
A tea-light candle
Cocktail sticks for marking the candle
400g dark chocolate
85g unsalted butter
284ml double cream
300ml milk
Small wooden spoon
Fondue forks

Everyone present takes it in turn to carve their initials into the tea-light before it is popped under the ceramic bowl. Then put the chocolate, butter, cream and milk into the bowl and light the candle below it. While the ingredients are melting, everyone takes it in turns to stir the fondue with the spoon, secretly making a wish then saying out loud:
Double, double toil and trouble, 
Chocolate melt and fondue bubble.
Candle burn and grant my wish,
Serve me up a delightful dish.
When the fondue is ready, dip the marshmallows into it and enjoy.

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