Friday 29 October 2021

Divination: The Plains of Bagan & the Sacred Sites Oracle

I thought I'd do a little divination after receiving some interesting news. The news was that my publisher, John Hunt Publishing, including the Moon Books imprint, is now owned by Etan Ilfeld who runs the Watkins Media Group. The media group includes Watkins Bookshop in London, Kindred Spirit and Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazines, and publishing imprints Watkins Publishing, among others. John Hunt, who owned JHP decided to retire and sell up.

Any time of change can be stressfull, but I think Moon Books will be in safe hands. Nevertheless, I thought I'd also see what the cards say. The oracle deck I chose to use is one actually published by Watkins: Sacred Sites Oracle Cards, by Barbara Meicklejohn-Free. 

All of the cards in the deck depict sacred sites around the world and the one I drew was The Plains of Bagan. The message of this card is about transformation, change and making good choices in the future. It offers the suggestion that any grievances from the past can be rectified and any mistakes learnt from. This is a new beginning and it is necessary to focus on the bigger picture, realising that in life one can travel many paths. It says: "Life will be rich and enjoyable for as long as you are learning."

I believe this card is about the opportunity of a fresh start. Some old ways of working might need to be reconsidered, but good things can come of this. The future holds many possibilities.

You can view the Sacred Sites Oracle Cards on Amazon

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