Thursday 16 December 2021

Yule Gifts: Bewitched Botanicals, Minoan Tarot, Craft Kits

This December I've been blogging about gift ideas from crafters and small businesses. I know many of us prefer to buy Yuletide presents from independent traders rather than big companies. We're getting close to the last posting dates before the holidays, so make sure you don't miss out on any of these lovely suggestions for witchy presents:

Bewitched Botanicals Soap and More

I'm a huge fan of Bewitched Botanicals soap - I always use it as it smells and looks lovely, and is kind to my sensitive skin. The range includes whips, scrubs, melts and other gorgeous toiletries too.  It also makes fantastic Yule gifts. One thing that caught my eye on the website is the Krampus-inspired Mystical Melt Collection (pictured). It offers 4 seasonal wax tarts in a nifty gift box: 1 x Krampus, 1 x  Krampus Kandy, 1 x Belsnickle and 1 x Frau Holle. The last posting to ensure you get things before the Christmas break is early on Friday 17 December, so have a look on the website today if you want to get an order in for that. 

You can find the website here:

The Minoan Tarot Deck by Laura Perry

Ancient Minoans meet modern Tarot in this vibrant 86-card deck and guidebook set that calls on archetypes of Tarot through iconography inspired by beautiful works of art from ancient Crete. Connect with mysterious snake priestesses, labyrinthine temple complexes, and courageous bull-leapers. Explore gender-balanced face cards reflecting the egalitarian nature of Minoan society that makes this deck especially relevant for modern users: Priest and Priestess, Lord and Lady, Youth and Maid.

Each card's hand-painted artwork in the style of ancient Minoan art includes Linear B symbols (a writing system used in ancient Crete) reflecting literal image concepts or pointing to deeper meanings. This deck and comprehensive guidebook can also be used for meditation and personal growth. Experienced and new readers will find The Minoan Tarot a natural tool.

The deck has its own website here: where people can see a lot of the card art and find links to many different online places where it's sold.

WyrdStitchers Cross Stitch Kits

WyrdStitchers offers original artwork turned into cross stitch kits. Each one contains everything you need to get crafting. Robin, Sarah and Lou's lovely creations include cute Cthulhus, bats, dragons and other designs including the one in the picture. Prices start from £6 with free postage. WyrdStitchers is a London-based small business. You can find the website here:

If you are an independent pagan trader or crafter, feel free to add a short description and details as a comment on this post.

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