Monday 24 January 2022

Question: Can You Identify These Strange Symbols?

This photograph of symbols drawn on a wall was taken by a friend of my cousin. Knowing my interest in the esoteric, she wondered if I recognised them. Well, I spent some time looking through my copy of The Signs and Symbols Bible, but couldn't find anything exactly the same - and certainly not in that grouping. So, I'm opening the question up and wondering if anyone who reads my blog can identify them.

To give a little more information, the writing was seen in a university on the wall of a gents' loo (that's bathroom in English slang to any Americans). 

The marks *look* kind of like a sigil to me, but on the other hand they might be scientific symbols. I honestly have no idea. I'd rather like to get the mystery solved though!

If you have any suggestions, then do leave a comment. And if you have any other questions you'd like to ask me or other readers of A Bad Witch's Blog, leave a comment about that too or email me at


Anonymous said...

The first and last one might come from Tolkien's Cirth?

Anonymous said...

Hi - the first and last of the ones beneath are also the same as runes from the elder futhark, Perthro and Mannaz. The curves with circles look a bit like Pictish markings to me but I'm no expert! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Bottom row, first and last symbols are P and M in elder Futhark runes- the middle 2 are too curvy to be runes, unsure what they actually are if they're not sigils.
The construction of the top made me think of Icelandic magical staves but it doesn't match any known ones;

Jane said...

My gut feeling is it's a sigil for someone who's looking for his soul mate. The top part looks like an embrace. The first and last letters at the bottom are straightforward runes for 'luck' and 'man', and the two in the middle look like hybrids of Viking bind runes and the witches' alphabet - possibly something too personal to be part of an established alphabet. Laura Tempest Zakroff could probably interpret this. She's great with sigils. I think the person who wrote it is gay, and is struggling with finding the right opportunity to come out, hence the mysterious nature of the two middle symbols. I do hope it works for him in its own time.

Badwitch said...

Thanks everyone! I think you are all right - some sort of love spell combining runes and personalised symbols.

Unknown said...

The second symbol is a conjunction of two homogeneous symbols, the third is not without phallicism. I suspect it's a homosexual love spell.