Thursday 10 February 2022

Witchy Shopping: Heart-Shaped Crystals from Aldi

Jane Mortimer spotted these lovely heart-shaped crystals at her local high-street supermarket. She said:

"I went shopping to Aldi and I found a some treasures in one of the middle aisles - a couple of large flat crystals, rose quartz and jade, packaged under Aldi's 'Lacura' toiletries name in small boxes. They're meant for facial massage, but they'd be equally good for any work involving crystals, especially chakra and spell work."

Jane took the photo with her holding one of them to show what a good size they are. She added: "They're thin and flat, not bulbous like a palm stone. They're only £3.99 each, so they're quite inexpensive as crystals go."

The photo is copyright Jane Mortimer

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1 comment:

Ashley L. Evans said...

these are Gua Sha tools, here is a link for more info