Thursday 10 March 2022

Interview: Rachel Patterson on Witchcraft & Moon Magic

Rachel Patterson is a High Priestess of the Kitchen Witch Coven, and an Elder at the online Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchcraft. She is also a hugely prolific and much-loved pagan author, with titles covering everything from cookery to the Cailleach, and including spells, charms, rituals and the elements. Her latest book is called Beneath the Moon Witchcraft and Moon Magic for a Deeper Practice, and I’ve chatted to her about it:

Q: On the description of Beneath the Moon Witchcraft and Moon Magic for a Deeper Practice it says: “She has the power to transform your life”. What do you mean by that?

A: I have worked with the power of the moon for my entire thirty-year Pagan journey (so far) and it has been a life-changing experience. Learning about the power and energy she can lend to your magic and how her ebb and flow energy affects your moods, energy and emotions is key. By working with that flow rather than fighting against it you can make huge changes to how you live your life, for the better.  And of course by working with her power in all its phases you can boost your magical skills and workings to help make changes not only to your life but for the betterment of others too.

Q: You already have one book out on Moon Magic, in the Pagan Portals series. What prompted you to write a longer book on the topic?

A: Moon magic is such a huge area and has so many facets to it, when I wrote the Pagan Portals - Moon Magic book I barely scratched the surface. And Pagan Portals - Moon Magic was the first of my books to hit best seller status, so I knew it was a popular subject! I realised, particularly when working with my own students that a much bigger book may be useful. Beneath the Moon can be read front to back, but it is more of a reference book that can be dipped into when you need to work with a particular moon phase and/or a phase in a particular Zodiac sign. It isn’t a ‘definitive’ guide, but it does hopefully provide a fully packed reference book for those that work with the energy of the moon and want to add in some extra power. It does also provide inspiration and creative recipes and spells to help you work with the phases.

Q: Why do you think working with the moon is such an important part of witchcraft?

A: Moon magic was one of the first areas of the Craft that I was taught because it forms a solid foundation in witchcraft. And it weaves its way through so much of the magic we work. Spells, rituals and our own daily lives are all affected by the moon, so it makes sense that we delve deeper into her phases to align with them as much as possible. 

Q: Do you have a favourite phase of the moon?

A: I love the fresh new energy of the new moon, it is probably the phase of the moon that I work the most with. It has potential and offers so many new opportunities. I find it is the phase of the moon that I personally have the most energy on as well. Until we hit the full moon and I know that is a very powerful time, but it plays havoc with my sleep!

Q: Do you have a favourite lunar month?

A: I tend to break down each year into months, as each month has a specific energy, but then I go even further and work with the energy of the week and sometimes even the day. The seasons, the weather and zodiac signs all have affect on the energy each day. Each one brings a different feeling, and I love the changes that happen throughout each month. So, no particular favourite as each one brings something new to work with and it is different each year, each month and each week!

Q: If someone who is just starting out on a path of witchcraft asked for a single thing to do to connect with the energy of the moon, what would you say?

A: The easiest thing to do to connect with the moon is to stand outside and look up at her, spend some time just listening and watching. Talk to her and send her your wishes and desires. It really is that easy.

Q: And what would be your advice moving on from that?

A: If you want to take it a step further keeping a moon journal really helps. Jot down the moon phase each day and how your moods, emotions and energy levels are affected. It can really show the ebbs and flows.

Q: Finally, is there anything else you would like to say about Beneath the Moon?

A: Beneath the Moon is a BIG book, 808 pages. There is a lot of information, but don’t be overwhelmed with it all. Working with the moon can be as simple as just staring up at her, you can then begin to add in corresponding items. Take it step by step, you don’t need to throw everything at it in one go. Working with the moon and indeed the Craft as a whole is a journey, enjoy the ride!

You can view Beneath the Moon on Amazon. It is published by Moon Books and you can also view more details here.

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