Thursday 14 April 2022

Review: The Witch's Book of Simples - Folk Medicine

This review was written by Chris Orton, a member of the Witches' Inn group:

I can't remember exactly when I found Moon Books. A combination of events - I found a secondhand book, looked online, and an absolute treasure trove opened up! So many wonderful books with a wealth of knowledge! 

My latest buy is Melusine Draco's The Witch's Book of Simples: The simple arte of domestic folk medicine. This book is exactly what I've been looking for!

Apart from being able to look up the herb and its uses, I can also look up the 'ailment' and see what plant is suggested. So, if I find a good patch of yarrow, for example, I can find ways to use it safely. There is an extremely comprehensive list of  'Dont use if' indications, which gives a list of both generic and marketing names of medications  

Best of all are the wonderful snippets of 'Old Lore' that Melusine Draco tucks so skilfully into her books. One learns without effort - a real treat.

The book is, in my opinion, perfect for those just starting out and those with more knowledge. It's a very useful book - perfectly sized to fit in hand or foraging bag! 

You can view The Witch's Book of Simples on Amazon and at publisher Moon Books' website.

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