Friday 15 April 2022

Pagan Eye: Standing Under a Blossom Tree in my Road

This tree is in the street outside my home and I see it every day from my study window - but yesterday I took this picture standing right underneath it and looking up into its branches. A couple of days ago it was covered in white blossom, but gradually green leaves are appearing. I love to see how this tree changes from season to season. Last autumn, I photographed it from my window as its leaves turned red

The tree stands on a patch of grass between houses and blocks of flats. It's in a street that is unremarkable in most ways, just a part of urban south east London, but yesterday the sun was shining, the trees were in blossom or bud, wildflowers from dandelions to forget-me-knots were flowering in the grass, and it was a glorious spring day. It is possible to enjoy nature even in London and sometimes just walking outdoors and looking at what's growing is enough to lift one's spirits.

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