Thursday 26 May 2022

Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Upcycled Crystal Ball Stand

What do you put your balls on? Crystal balls for scrying I'm talking about... Well, you can buy stands, of course, but here's a crafting idea that won't cost you anything and is an upcycling project. I'm all in favour of saving money and helping save the planet at the same time. 

I must of course mention that if you're concerned about the environment you should only buy crystals that are ethically sourced or secondhand, as well as taking care about the ethics of the stand you put it on. 

On to the crafting details, the little crystal ball in the pictures on this post is resting on two stands made from bottle caps. The one at the top is made from the screw top of a wine bottle. It was black to start with, which I liked. You could just turn a cap upside down and rest the sphere in it, but you can improve on that with a tiny bit of work. To start with, I pressed the centre of the lid inwards a bit so it stood more flatly on the table. I then put narrow black electrical tape around the rim to cover the sharp edges so it wouldn't scratch the sphere when it was resting there.

The lower picture shows the same ball on a stand made from the cap of a large fizzy drink bottle. That top was plastic so it was soft enough not to damage any crystals resting in it. I didn't feel I needed to put tape on it, but I still pressed the centre of the lid inwards so it didn't wobble when resting on the table. 

You can put small things inside the bottle-lid stands to help you scry. That could be a pinch of herbs, a small piece of another crystal, or something to help as a focus for any question you're asking. I often like to boost psychic work with mugwort or lavender.

The sphere in the photo is black chalcedony, which is good for keeping grounded. I bought it from Mamma Moon Magick's stall at the Faerie Festival last weekend. The sphere is small - which is why it easily rests in a wine bottle lid. Larger bottle caps can be used for larger crystals. I've spotted that the lid of my current bottle of mouthwash will make a great stand for a medium-sized ball once I've used up the contents!

If you want to find out more about using crystal balls and other forms of divination, then have a look at my book Pagan Portals - Scrying, which is published by Moon Books.

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