Thursday 9 June 2022

Book Extract from Magic for Hedge Witches - Water

Here's an extract on Magic and The Elements – Water from a lovely new book called Magic for Hedge Witches by Harmonia Saille:

Element of Water

Water connects to the west. Water is essential to all life – to human life, animal life, plant life. We source power from water. Water is cleansing, literally and to wash away negativity. Water can be both calming and destructive. It flows fast and furious as do our emotions and is associated with the emotions.

Emotions are fluid. Think of the saying “lost at sea.” Often, we are lost at sea when we are experiencing a flood of confusing or unhappy emotions. However, emotions can also be overwhelmingly happy – floating or swimming in a “sea” of them.

In tarot, the suit of cups is associated with water and inner experiences, emotions, and feelings.

The rune Laguz (Lake) is associated with water and the emotions.

Water is to fold thought endless when they sale forth
on an unstable ship. The great waves of the sea terrify,
And the seahorse heeds not the bridle.
—The Old English Rune Poem
(from The Spiritual Runes, Harmonia Saille)

Of course, water is changeable, so you can be sailing in or into a storm on the sea but can also sail along on a gentle breeze. Sometimes you might become becalmed and not move at all, become stuck – “Isa” the “ice” rune represents this.

A blue candle represents water, but also calmness, spirituality, harmony, healing, fidelity, loyalty, and wisdom. You might also use more than one candle color, depending on what you want to achieve.

Water Spells

Water spells are ideal for spells centered on healing and the emotions. Floating candles are ideal for working with both. They can still be dressed or carved into like any other candle. As well as your candle, float other things in the water such as rose petals and herbs.

Bath spells also are very effective for healing and the emotions. For this, make up a bag of herbs. You will need to choose ones that are non-poisonous and will not irritate the skin. Muslin or cheese cloth is a suitable fabric to use. Tie the bag tightly at the top or sew it shut as you do not want to end up covered in herb flakes and having to shower them off.

I have used lavender, rose, thyme, sage, parsley, chamomile, and rosemary, among others for bath spells – mainly herbs you can also make tea out of or add to cooking, but so check for contraindications. If you prefer, use essential oils instead. If you do not have a bathtub, you can still use the bag in the shower. Wet the bag and squeeze the herbs, letting it drip over you. Rinse off. This is especially beneficial if you want to rid yourself of negative energy. Water is a great purify and cleanser. Bath spells can help wash away the remnants of a broken relationship and encourage a new start.

Spell Example – Bath Banishing

White rose
Muslin or cheese cloth
Frankincense incense sticks
White candles

N.B. Do not use any herb that you think you might have an allergy to.

  • Sew a bag into a square using the muslin, leaving the top open. Alternatively, cut a square of the fabric.
  • Choose a mixture of herbs from the above list and place in the bag or in the middle of the square. Sew the top up or gather the ends and tie tightly.
  • Run your bath and leave the bag to soak for a few minutes.
  • Light your candles and incense (ensure adequate ventilation).
  • When you are ready, lie in your bath and splash yourself all over with the cleansing bath water. Imagine the negativities leaving your body and picture your new start be it leaving an old demoralizing job or ridding yourself of leftover feelings from an old relationship. When you are finished, stay in the bath, pull out the plug and watch the water drain away, taking all the negativity with it.

You can view Magic for Hedge Witches on Amazon. It is published by Moon Books and you can find Harmonia's author page here.

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