Friday 10 June 2022

Magic School: The Wytchery Training for Solitary Witches

A new witchcraft training group has started in Central London, run by highly experienced witches. The workshops are taking place at Treadwell's esoteric bookshop in Bloomsbury, at least at first. Here's the description from The Wytchery Meetup Group:

"The Wytchery is a programme of practical, monthly workshops aimed at solitary witches, curious about what it might be like to practice with a group and to learn things that the internet can’t teach. It is based in London, UK and will take place at a venue in town, starting summer 2022

"While the programme is designed to build as it goes, people can start at any point or drop in and out.  Witches will gain hands-on experience with raising power, working magic, trance, creating spells, talismans and magical tools and importantly, using these in group work.

"It is inclusive and open to anyone who identifies as a witch, whatever their level of skill or experience – and ideally those with little, if any, experience with a group or a coven."

The first class takes place on Monday 13 June at 7pm and the topic is Raising Power. Anyone taking part will get live practice in various ways to raise energy for use in spells and magical workings, making and charging a witch bottle. The techniques are ones you can use on your own, and may have done already, but there's real magic when you raise power with a group of people. This is a taster for what that feels like.

Tickets are £10 per class to cover overheads. You can find out more and book for the first event here: Treadwells is at 33 Store St, London WC1E 7BS, UK.

You can also join the Facebook group:

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