Friday 28 October 2022

London Tarot Reading: The Sewer Gas Lamp (2 of Coins)

I drew a card for the world using the London Lore Tarot and found The Sewer Gas Lamp. I must admit I gave a wry chuckle, as it really does seem many things are metaphorically going down the drain at the moment. However, the card isn't actually bad news, as it represents a cunning Victorian method of energy efficiency and recycling. The book that comes with the set explains:

"London's last sewer gas lamp burns day and night on Carting Lane, known to locals as 'Farting Lane'. These lamps were designed in the Victorian era, to burn off the stench and dangerous gases that built up in London's sewers."

What does it mean in a reading? Well, the book says it represents: "The need to balance conflicting obligations, a juggling act. Being pulled in many different directions. Prioritisation and time management are important." It corresponds with the Two of Coins in more traditional decks, which often show someone juggling two coins and can indicate a need to balance both finances and priorities.

While most of us are all facing those kinds of issues right now, I think a far more literal interpretation can be taken. Fuel prices are soaring. We all need to look at alternative ways of managing our heat and light, and governments need to look at methods of producing energy that are kind to the environment. This is also the perfect card for this time of year, showing a lamp that lights the way in the darkness. It is, as well, a metaphor for delving deep and finding the riches within, even in places we might fear to go.

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Jane Mortimer said...

Running gas lamps directly off the sewers was a great idea. Imagine how bright London must've been when there was a tummy bug doing the rounds!!!

Badwitch said...

Yes! It wasn't the only sewer gas powered thing either! It was a sensible idea.