Thursday 20 October 2022

Samhain Shopping: Whimsigothic for a Witchy Home

Witches are always in fashion for Halloween but apparently more so this year than usual. Whimsigothic is a trend both for what we wear and what we put in our homes, or so I'm told.

Samhain or Halloween are great times to stock up on great gothy stuff, whimsical or otherwise, but a homestyle press agency has sent me an email with lots of gorgeous goodies incorporating celestial motifs like moons, stars, constellations and zodiacs, which are intended to spark a sense of joy and magic, and are associated with luck, love, and protection. I'm a fan! 

Look at the photo to the right to see some of the ideas. What you can see there are a brass candle holder by Abode Living, a resin cat by Gisela Graham London, an antique style brass star decoration by Ivyline, an abalone shell moon necklace by Luna Charles, a Saturn and stars cushion in velvet by Jan Constantine, a blue and metallic sunrise poster by Desenio, a brass candle votive by Hudson Home and a man in the moon and moth embroidery craft sewing kit by MakeBox

One of the other things that caught my eye was the Italian tea or coffee set in the other photo. It's a set of six cups with saucers in porcelain by Easy Life. I guess you could use it for tea too.

None of the lovely things in the picture are particularly cheap, sadly, but they are undoubtedly much better made than the average high street Halloween wares, and everyone needs a luxury treat now and then.

I'll be doing at least one more Samhain Shopping blog post before October 31st, so if you make and sell witchy stuff, do let me know as I'm happy to help pagan crafters with small businesses with a little mention when I can.

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