Tuesday 4 October 2022

Spellcraft: Making What You Desire Come Into Your Life

Someone asked me if a certain wishing spell was "real" and if so how to make it work for them. This was my reply:  

"Any spell can work in my opinion. It isn't so much what you do or the material components you use as the energy you put into it. Certainly some spells are traditional, and some material components will help the magic work, but the important thing is to dedicate your will to making what you desire come into your life."

I genuinely believe that's true. I've written books and teach classes on practical spellwork using specific items - particularly candles - along with short rituals and words to say. While some objects, words and actions help us, it's intent and focus that are the really important ingredients in any magic working.

On the subject of candles in witchcraft, I'm giving an online talk on candle magic as practical spellwork via the College of Psychic Studies on October 18. I'll be saying more about why candles are useful in spells to make wishes come true, but also going into detail on how to focus magical energy to empower the enchantment.

You can also find my Pagan Portals books on witchcraft at the Moon Books website.  

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