Friday 23 December 2022

Review: A Witch’s Shadow Magick Compendium

If a witch doesn't do their shadow work when the time is right, life will ensure they have plenty of future opportunities to do so. That was what the high priestess who trained me used to say. And she was right. Shadow work is about facing the things you fear, addressing aspects of yourself you find least attractive, and coming to terms with the darker parts of nature - including death. 

A Witch’s Shadow Magick Compendium by Raven Digitalis is a perfect book to accompany any witch on their shadow journey. It is a hefty tome on the internal work so important for any witch worth their cackle. It goes on to look at shadows in the external world, the astral plane, nature, society, and the spirit realms. It is down to earth, practical and very well researched, including history and anthropology with comparisons between the way various religions deal with the darker aspects of life. There are also meditations and practical magick on every aspect covered.

The revised edition I've been reading this past week was released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the original publication. This is what publisher Crossed Crow Books says on its website:

"Originally published as Shadow Magick Compendium, this revised and expanded special edition is filled to the brim with bits of lore, history, meditations, and exercises that the Witch can employ to embrace their own inner darkness. Practical and grounded in its approach, this book is still intimate enough to remind the Witch as well as the casual reader that darkness exists as a positive force we can actively embrace. Through facing the darker aspects of ourselves, of society, and of the world, can we truly embrace the totality of our power."

My copy is a gorgeous hardback, signed by the author, but there are two editions. The special edition is limited to 150 copies, apparently all signed and numbered by the author, bound in purple with silver foil stamping on the front cover and spine. It is also available in unlimited paperback. Both are 346 pages long.

It's been the perfect reading material for me at the dark time of the year when I've been going through some personal problems and having to tackle my own fears. I've been reminded that shadow work isn't something we do just once. As we get older new problems occur or old ones resurface. It can be a great help to have something to guide one through a tough process of introspection and contemplation of the difficult aspects of life and death. This book does just that. I will treasure my copy, and plan to use more of the exercises within its pages.

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