Thursday 12 January 2023

Card For The Day: Stone Eight from the Arthurian Tarot

The Arthurian Tarot, by Caitlin and John Matthews, is rereleased this month in a new edition after being out of print for some time. I'm lucky enough to have one of the very early sets published by the Aquarian Press back in 1990. I was even luckier in that my copy cost just £1.99 in one of those holy grail charity shop finds. That's a suitable term as this deck, its Hallowquest handbook and beautiful artwork by Miranda Gray, are steeped in the magic of the Arthurian legends and the theme of sacred questing.

To celebrate the new edition, I shuffled and drew a card as a reading for the world from my set. Stone Eight was the card turned. The suit of Stone corresponds to Pentacles in traditional decks.

The picture shows a stonemason's yard with the carving of a head nearly completed. Through an opening in the fence you can see the golden light of the setting sun over a landscape with rolling hills but bare trees of late winter. A few clouds scud across the sky, a mixture of dark and light at the top of the image. Inspiration for the card is the training each knight undertook before being ready to embark on their quest. The official meaning is this:

"Prudence, patience, application; descriminating service to a craft; better results through gaining professional skills; apprenticeship; methodical work; detailed preparation."

I think that message is a valid one. At the start of the year many of us will be taking up training courses and starting projects, or at least thinking about doing so. This card tells us these things are worthwhile. January is a harsh month in terms of weather and often financial pressures too. Personally I find this time of year better for staying in and doing crafting or writing than for vewnturing outside unless I have to. Be patient. Don't rush into things before the time is right and you are fully prepared.

The Complete Arthurian Tarot, which includes the classic cards with a revised and updated book, is published by OH! Life. You can view the Arthurian Tarot on Amazon and find out more on the Hallowquest website

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Unknown said...


Just a small comment from a wiccan from Sweden; i enjoy your updates ani hope you make more video content. Thank hyou <3

Pitch313 said...

The original Arthurian Tarot has served as my preferred deck since it came out. I devoted a year and a day to working through the accompanying guide book, and learned a lot of what I know about Tarot that way.