Sunday 22 January 2023

Witches' Cats: Two of My Friends' Regal Felines

I'm honouring the start of the Year of the Cat - which is what the Lunar New Year is called in Vietnam - by sharing posts about our feline friends. 

Jane Mortimer sent me the photo at the top of this post, showing one of her cats, Sandra. Jane said: "Sandra is looking like Lady Muck on the chair in my witchy room. I rarely get to sit in this chair. As soon as I bought it, my cats just took it over. After months of waiting for my turn to sit in it, I'm trawling the charity shops for another one!" 

My cats do the same in my own witchy room! 

Carrie Kirkpatrick sent me the second photo, of her regal companion. She said: "This is Queen Tabitha, having an afternoon nap on my bed. The same bed where she gave birth to five kittens 12 years ago, in June during the World Cup. The match between England and Argentina ended in nil nil draw, Tabitha scored five!"

As it's the Year of the Cat I'm reviving a series of posts called Witches' Cats, which I started a few years ago. If you have a picture of your cat or kitten you would like to send me to post on A Bad Witch's Blog, email me at

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