Tuesday 28 February 2023

Occult London: Brixton's Spiritual & Esoteric Shops

Brixton, in South London, has two fabulous spiritual and esoteric shops within walking distance of each other. One's called Powerfulhand and the other's called Original Product. They're both in Market Row, which is a covered arcade with a vibrant atmosphere. It's home to cafes, bars and shops offering things from all around the world. Brixton itself, as any Londoner will know, is a famous multi-ethnic community with a large population of people of Afro-Caribbean descent. Powerfulhand and Original Product both cater for magical and spiritual practitioners as diverse as the communities they are at the heart of. Here's more details about each of them:


This family-run shop on the corner of Electric Lane and Market Row started in Brixton in the 1980s. It now has a second store, in Birmingham, as well as an online busines: https://www.powerfulhand.com/ 

You can see a picture of the outside of Powerfulhand at the top of this post. The staff don't allow photography inside, but as you might guess from the window display, it stocks the biggest range of candles I've ever seen. It's truly superb and stretches across all the window space as well as onto another wall and an island unit. If you want any kind of candle for spellwork, rituals, to put on an altar, to give as a gift or just to look wonderful, then you're almost certain to find the perfect one here. 

Powerfulhand also sells a large selection of herbs and incenses, oils and many other spiritual and esoteric items. The staff are friendly and helpful too. On the website it says: "We make it our mission to stock genuine authentic products, that are used across the world to help with various rituals and practices."

Original Product

I've heard this shop described as an "Aladdin's Cave" of treasures, and that's just how it seems when you walk inside. The shop is heaped with wonderful, magical things. It specialises in authentic items from Haiti, but also stocks products aimed at wider spiritual and esoteric communities - from amazing crystal balls to statues to charms, amulets and talismans from all over the world. Jenny, the proprietor, has been running Original Product for about 25 years, and quite a few of my friends regularly go there to buy things like herbs and incense. 

In the middle of the shop, amid the glittering wonders, is a plainer wishing well (pictured). If you visit, make a wish and throw in a coin. The money raised goes to help the people of Haiti. You can find  
Original Product at 8 Market Row, Brixton. The photo at the bottom shows the shopfront.


Jane Mortimer said...

Wow! Thanks, Lucya. I can feel a little trip out coming on .....

Badwitch said...

Brixton is a great place for shopping in general!

Anonymous said...

I had a bad experience at the second store - Original Products - that you mentioned. I went to this store, purely on your recommendation.

Badwitch said...

Oh I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience there.

Anonymous said...

Love this shop but Ozo the on line chap is horrible!