Thursday 2 March 2023

Pagan Eye: Coleus Plant With a Star on a Leaf

Look at the little yellow star on the leaf in the photo! 

The picture was sent to me by Amelia, who wrote: "This is a coleus that I resurrected back to life. I rescued it from a market at the college I go to school at. And while watering my plants, I saw a star appearing on one of the leaves!"

Thanks very much to Amelia for sharing this image, and I hope the plant continues to grow in such a lovely way. Coleus are famous for their brightly coloured and sometimes variegated leaves. They can be really beautiful. Folklore suggests coleus plants deter cats from gardens, which might be true. They're poisonous to animals, but seeing as the smell is supposed to repel cats I guess they're unlikely to actually eat any.

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The photo is copyright Amelia.

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