Friday 3 March 2023

Altars: A Sacred Space for March with Flowers & Seeds

Here's a picture of my altar for March. On it I have things that I feel symbolise the month, including small pottery replicas of eggs and a pewter hare on jewellery that's very special to me. I also have a miniature narcissus or daffodil flower and forsythia blossom I picked from my garden, crystals and a candle as well as goddess figurines. 

Yellow is a colour for March in my opinion because so many of the flowers that bloom this month are that colour. That's why I chose yellow for my candle and selected my yellowest crystals. If you regularly read my blog posts, you will probably have spotted some of those items on my March mandala from a previous year. In the centre of the altar is a tiny cauldron which I filled with wild flower seeds. I will be sowing them in my garden when the weather is a tiny bit warmer, after they have basked in the blessings of the goddesses I honour.

I set up my regular seasonal altars on the top of the fireplace in my witchy room. They take up little space that way and aren't somewhere my cats are likely to knock things over. If I'm doing larger scale spellwork or rituals I'll set up more temporary altars on a table. I don't have room for a large permanent altar in my home, but that's fine as far as I'm concerned.

You can find out more about seasonal magic in my forthcoming book Pagan Portals - Rounding the Wheel of the Year. I will also be talking on the topic at MoonCon 23 Spring Edition on March 11. It's a free online witchcraft conference run by Moon Books.

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