Saturday 1 April 2023

Divination for Today: The Duty Fool in the Fool's Wisdom

For April Fool's Day I've drawn a card from The Fool's Wisdom Oracle, and it is the Duty Fool. You can see the card on the right. 

All the cards in the deck show a person in jester's attire, but this one also shows them wearing a military jacket, saluting and bearing arms. Yet the message that comes with this card says: "Assume all duties with love in your heart."

When I turned over this card my immediate feeling was that the image and the message seemed contradictory. I'm not really a fan of guns, and I struggle to reconcile soldiers with love. Maybe that's because I'm essentially a child of the 60s and took to heart the message about making love, not war. 

But sometimes, I realised, love and duty do mean you have to fight to protect the things and the people you care for. I think that's especially true in the world today. And if you are involved in a conflict, whether that's a physical fight, a legal battle or the struggle to save the environment or the rights of minority groups, then it is very important not to let it harden your heart. 

Many spiritual teachings offer the wisdom that everything should be done with love. I know it isn't always easy to love the enemy, but acting through compassion rather than hatred can make the difference between resolving a dispute or escalating it into an unresolvable feud.

The book that comes with this set offers a more in-depth reading for the card. Be responsible and remember you are accountable for your actions. As well as taking your duties to those in your care seriously, take time to connect with whatever sacred forces you honour, and do that with love in your heart.

You can view The Fool's Wisdom Oracle on Amazon and also read a review I wrote in 2012.

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