Monday 1 April 2019

Divination for the Day: The Drunken Fool

For April Fool's Day I have drawn a card from The Fool's Wisdom Oracle, and it is the Drunken Fool.

Of course, it is usually a bit foolish to get drunk on a Monday morning before work, but this card means more than that. The message is to sober up, but not necessarily from alcohol.
"The Drunken Fool has stumbled into your life, overwhelming your senses, intoxicating you with his alluring seductions, and distancing you from life."
Lots of things can do that. We can get carried away by anger or jealousy; we can be seduced by dangerous people or belief systems; or we can become addicted to many things apart from booze or drugs.

This is a wake-up call to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge our excesses. Then we should listen to our hearts and ask if we are really happy or if the things we are clinging to are ultimately making us miserable.

Sonia Choquette, who devised The Fool's Wisdom Oracle, says that The Drunken Fool visits us all from time to time.
"For short periods, his presence is harmless and even welcome, but you're in trouble when he takes over... Step away from the things that distort your perception."
Genuine joy and happiness "lift the soul and heal the wounds of the heart", but if The Drunken Fool is holding you hostage, it is time to free yourself.

In some ways I see this card as being similar to The Devil in tarot, with the message that we should master our demons and not become their slaves.

You can view The Fool's Wisdom Oracle on Amazon and also read a review I wrote in 2012.

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