Tuesday 18 April 2023

My Novel and an RPG: Writing with Ben Aaronovitch

Here's a first peek at the cover design for my novel Erosion, which is being published by Moon Books. I'm really delighted with it and I'm very grateful to Ben Aaronovitch, author of the Rivers of London series of books, for writing the endorsement that appears at the top:

"An elegiac tale of memory, growth and regret set along the crumbling coast of 1980s Kent." 

Erosion is a contemporary gothic novel filled with magical weirdness. It's set in a run-down English seaside town in 1987, the year of the Great Storm. The painting on the cover was done by Su Jolly, a Kent artist who specialises in beach lansdscape pictures. I feel the image very much reflects the fiction.

I'm also extremely proud to have had the privilege of working with Ben Aaronovitch on Rivers of London: The Roleplaying Game, published by Chaosium. I wrote the London section, under the name Lucya Szachnowski. The hardback version of the game is out now. Here's the description of the game:

"In Rivers of London: the Roleplaying Game, players take on the roles of newly recruited members of the London Metropolitan Police Service’s special magic branch, aka “the Folly.” You will solve mysteries, catch criminals, and come to grips with the “demi-monde”—those who have been irreversibly changed by magic. The Rivers of London: The Roleplaying Game core book contains everything you need to start exploring Ben Aaronovitch’s magical version of London."

Ben Aaronovitch and Chaosium's Lynne Hardy will be at the Forbidden Planet Megastore, 179 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JR this afternoon, Tuesday 18 April 2023, from 5pm to 6pm. They will be signing copies of the RPG as part of the launch event. It's free to pop in and you don't need a ticket. 

I'll be posting more about Erosion, including details of when copies can be pre-ordered. The next book I have coming out is Pagan Portals - Rounding the Wheel of the Year, which will be published this autumn, but is already available for pre-order from Moon Books, Amazon and other booksellers. 

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