Monday 8 May 2023

Craft: Crotcheting a Blanket for Summer Festivals

I decided to crochet myself a granny square blanket to take to the Sussex Faerie Festival because even in May it can get a bit cold in the evenings. I think the pattern looks pretty, but it also uses up odds and ends of wool so is an inexpensive upcycling project. 

The picture shows far I've got. As I have less than two weeks to finish it,  I'm not sure I'll make it in time, especially as I've broken my crochet hook and need to buy a new one. Wish me luck! 

At the Sussex Faerie Festival I'm running a workshop on folklore and magic for May, including flower lore and some easy crafting as spring turns to summer - not how to crochet though! If you do want to learn how to granny squares there are loads of tutorials on YouTube.

The Sussex Faerie Festival  runs from 19 to 21 May and is a camping event with entertainment, a market and workshops, but you can pop along for a single day. My workshop will be on the Saturday and is free for anyone who has a ticket for the festival. The site is at Pleasant Rise Farm, Alfriston, East Sussex. Tickets are priced from £10 for one day and you can find them here:

I've written a book on the Wheel of the Year. It's officially published in September but I will have the first few very early copies available for people to look at after my workshop at the Faery Festival. You can also view the book on Amazon or at publisher Moon Books

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