Monday 1 May 2023

Green London: Hawthorn Blossom in Ion Square Gardens

Hawthorn in blossom in a sunny London park is what I think of as a perfect picture for the 1st of May, which is Beltane or May Day depending on how you prefer to call it. 

Boughs of hawthorn were traditionally hung over doorways for protection, and the white flowers also used as decorations at May Day festivities. I've written more about this on the College of Psychic Studies blog.

On A Bad Witch's Blog I've been doing a series of posts called Green London to show that the city has lots of gardens, parks and other places where nature thrives. I took this photo a couple of days ago in Ion Square Gardens, a small park in Tower Hamlets while on my way to a friend's birthday celebration. It isn't a particularly famous spot, apart from being the title of a song by Bloc Party, but it is a perfect example of the kind of public park that make London one of the greenest cities. 

There are just so many little patches of grass, trees and flowers like this in London, as well as all the famous sites like Hyde Park or Regent's Park. People who live near gardens like this love them as a public resource for their local community. They are somewhere to go for a walk, have a picnic, meet friends or just sit and enjoy the sunshine on a spring day.

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