Thursday 15 June 2023

Green London: Lincoln's Inn Fields

Continuing my posts on green London, here's a picture of London's largest public square - Lincoln's Inn Fields. It was laid out in the 1630s, but as far back as the Middle Ages it had been fields used for recreation by students from the nearby law courts.

Nowadays Lincoln's Inn Fields is used for gentle pursuits like picnics and yoga classes, but historically it was a place were duels were frequently fought and was even a site of public execution. Sir John Soane's Museum, which I blogged about recently, stands on the north side.

Lincoln's Inn Fields is at London, WC2A 3TL and the nearest station is Chancery Lane.

What is your favourite green space in London? Please leave a comment. If you want to send a picture you've taken of a lovely park, wood or public garden in the city, you can email and let me know if you want me to put it on the blog and if you want your name mentioned or not.

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