Friday 2 June 2023

Spells: Enchanting a Book & Pen for Wish Magic

I love it when people ask me interesting questions about magic. The other day someone who reads this blog asked me: "Do you have a spell to enchant a book to make your wishes come true, or do have a spell to enchant a pen to make your wishes come true?" 

Here's my suggestion:

Find the perfect book with blank pages. If you're like me you might have a beautiful notebook you've been given or bought, but felt it was too nice for ordinary things. Well, an enchanted book of wishes could be its perfect purpose. That tiny Book of Secrets in the picture at the top is what I'm using for this spell. I've had it for ages and I'm glad I kept it for the right moment. 

If you don't have anything ideal then this is a wonderful opportunity for a shopping trip. I'd recommend buying from a small pagan business rather than a huge corporation if possible. If you're really good at crafting, then you could make your own notebook - maybe even make your own paper to go in it. The more personal the book the better. You also need to find a special pen or pencil to keep only for magical work. Then you need to enchant them both.

The best time to do this is on the eve of the full moon, which if you're reading this post on the day it goes live is tonight or tomorrow night depending on where you are in the world. Cleanse the book and pen or pencil of unwanted energy by passing them through the smoke of suitable incense or burning herbs. I tend to use mugwort, rosemary, lavender or juniper, but I know sage is popular too. Don't waft it in the smoke for too long though - sooty pages aren't exactly clean! 

Take the cleansed book and writing tool outside. Hold the book and let the light of the moon fall on the cover. Then open it and let moonlight fall on the pages inside. Ask the lunar powers to bless it and charge it with magical intent to empower the wishes you will write there. Then hold the pen or pencil in the moonlight and ask for that to be blessed and enchanted so the words it writes help manifest your desires. 

Visualise your pen or pencil as a wand to channel energy. On the first blank page write: "I charge this book to make true the wishes I will write within."

Thank the moon before returning inside. It's a good idea to also pour a libation of wine or fruit juice as an offering.

When you want to make a wish using your enchanted pen and book, do so by moonlight or the light of a blessed candle. Clear the table or altar at which you will work, then put your writing stuff there. Place an extra candle or two on it to illuminate your space better. Cast a circle around you.

 Carefully think of the words you want to use to make your wish. Try to keep them concise but precise. Use a blank page for each wish, and write as neatly as possible using your special pen. As you do so, visualise your wish coming true. Hold that image in your mind and keep the book open for a while longer after you've finished writing. 

Say: "By pen and page and the power of the moon, may my wish come true."

Close the book, open your circle and extinguish your candles. Keep the book somewhere safe afterwards. Only ever use it for the purpose to which it has been dedicated: your wishes.

There are more spell ideas in my book Pagan Portals - Candle Magic. If you want to make magical ink, I've blogged about it in the past, here:

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Singlekeeton said...

Oh heavens what a resource!

Thankyou so very much for providing such a lot of amazing resources, I'm going to be reading for a month to get this info into my head and I've added you to my favourites! so i can refer back as a resource. I hope you don't mind.

I will be buying your books too, as this is surely just an example of your excellent work and i have to admit the funny Fondue Spell did make me giggle.

But best of all, I have been looking for an Ink forever! I had some and all previous attempts have led me back to using coloured inks which are bought in, At Last!! one i can make one myself!