Thursday 1 June 2023

Green London: Stone Circle, Rock, Art or to Climb?

What do you think this structure in a small London park looks like? Is it an ancient stone circle, a strange but natural rock formation, a work of art, or something to climb on? 

Actually, it's a mixture of the last two things. It's a sculpture designed to also be a climbing frame. So, if you've long desired to clamber over the stones at an ancient henge but felt it wasn't exactly appropriate, pay a visit to Bramber Green in London and climb this to get the experience without damaging a megalithic monument.

Bramber Green is a pocket park in London's King's Cross area. It was created in the 1960s on a WW2 bomb site, next to a block of flats called Bramber House that was built at the same time. The area from Kings Cross to Bloomsbury has oodles of public parks, gardens and green spaces, including Argyle Square, Regent Square Gardens, St George's Gardens, Brunswick Square Gardens, Russell Square (where London's Pagan Pride happens), Bloomsbury Square Garden and Lincoln's Inn Fields. I've been blogging regularly about London's green spaces, to show that the city is far from being all concrete.

Bramber Green's rock-like sculpture might not be an ancient stone circle, but you could still go there on Solstice eve or dawn, so long as the gates to the park are unlocked. And you could climb to the top and sit to watch the sun set or rise without any guilt. It will probably be a lot less crowded than Stonehenge. You can find it at  Judd Street, London WC1H 8JS.

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