Friday 18 August 2023

Book: Riches for Witches - Creating Magical Abundance

There are really silly ideas that keep cropping up, that witches have to be poor and that it's wrong to do magic for money. We all need enough money to eat, have a roof over our heads, pay the bills and also to have some fun. There's nothing wrong with doing a little magic to help with that. And, of course, abundance isn't all about money. Riches for Witches is a new book by Sheena Cundy that offers ways of making our lives rich in many ways. I was lucky enough to read a copy before it came out and here's an endorsement I wrote:

“Riches are more than just money. Although I’m sure everyone wants sufficient cash to pay the bills, we can get a sense of plenty from all aspects of our lives. It can be a fulfilling job, creative achievement, love and friendship, or contentment with our environment. In Riches for Witches, Sheena Cundy offers a variety of magical techniques for attracting the things we want more of and banishing self-limiting ideas that hold us back. These include journalling, self-reflection, spells, mantras, guided visualisations, divination, and crafting. This book contains a wealth of knowledge, experience and inspiration for anyone seeking spiritual and material abundance.”

Sheena Cundy's other published works include The Witch Wavelength: Tuning in to Your Magical Nature, The Magic and The Madness and The Magic of Nature oracle. She hosts The Witch Wavelength podcast with her husband Ian and sings in the pagan band Morrigans Path. You can find her website here: and also order her books via Amazon.

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