Monday 21 August 2023

London Lore Tarot: King of Wands, Henry Curtmantle

I drew a card for the world using the London Lore Tarot. It was Henry Curtmantle, King of England in 1154 and father to Richard the Lionheart and King John. He represents the King of Wands and the description says:
"Henry was known for his energy and drive - and the Plantagenet rages infamous of his family. He is considered to have laid down the basis for English Common Law."

This card is all about leadership and strength. The meaning given is: "Charm, ambition, liveliness and passion. Impulsiveness and a commanding presence."

Normally I only draw a single card when I do readings for the world as posts on my blog, but this time I picked another two for clarity. They were the London Stone, or the Nine of Coins or Pentacles, and the Camden Horse Hospital, or Temperance. 

The London Stone is a block of limestone considered by some to be the magical heart of London. I've blogged about it in the past and nowadays you can find it on Cannon Street, in the City. As the Nine of Coins it represents self-mastery, self-sufficiency and a desire for financial security as well as success. 

The Camden Horse Hospital was once a place where injured work horses were brought for treatment. It's now an arts venue and often hosts esoteric events. Don't Keep The Wicker Man Waiting, an exhibition celebrating 50 years of the British cult folk horror movie, was recently on there. As Temperance, it represents moderation, balance, tolerance and prudence.

The message from the King of Wands together with the Nine of Coins and Temperance is that this is a good time to take charge of a situation relating financial or material security. Be prepared to lead others if necessary but also be in control of your own life. Passion and energy can help us succeed in our endeavours, but we should avoid being too impulsive. Tolerance and balance are also important.

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