Friday 4 August 2023

City Witches, Country Witches and Commercialism

I got into a discussion the other day over whether city witches are more into commercial witchcraft than country witches. For example, is a city witch more likely to buy a wand from shop and is a country witch is more likely to go in search of a suitable stick to make a wand?

As a city witch myself, living in London, I would point out that the first wand I used was handmade from a lovely piece of twisty hazel. It was made for me by one of my coven sisters, also a city witch, using a stick from one of south London's woods. Yes, we have plenty of woods and trees and green spaces in London, as I've been blogging about regularly. The wand itself is one of the ones in the photo above, and all of those wands are made from wood either foraged or pruned from trees in my garden.

The country witch I was talking to felt it was a different mindset. They felt that people who live in cities generally go into shops to buy things, including witchcraft tools and supplies, while country people will generally first think about what grows around them, including foraging for sticks for wands and herbs for spellwork.

I will admit I do sometimes buy things from pagan shops in London. They are all small pagan businesses and I think buying books, herbs, candles and crystals there is supporting other pagans rather than being overly commercial. I have occasionally bought things like herbs and craft supplies at more mainstream shops too, although the lavender I bring along for use in my poppet making workshops grows in my garden.   

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