Monday 7 August 2023

I've Started a Newsletter on Substack, Please Join Me!

I've started a newsletter!

Don't worry, it doesn't mean I'll be blogging less. I still intend to write regular posts at A Bad Witch's Blog. The newsletter will be on a slightly different topic. While my blog's about paganism, witchcraft, and the day-to-day experiences of a London witch, the newsletter's on my writing in general as well as events I'm involved with as an author. I'll be offering insights into what I'm working on, details of book launch events, news from my publisher, and things I'm attending like literary festivals or writing challenges. I've done two posts already, and the second was about an award!

I'm using Substack for the newsletter. You can read it online or you can subscribe to get it emailed to you. I’m intending to post about once or twice a month, so if you do subscribe you won’t be inundated with stuff in your inbox. However, in the first month as I learn how to use Substack there might be a few more than that as I try things out.

You can find my newsletter here:

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