Tuesday 1 August 2023

Witchy Craft: My Magpie Nest Divination Set

I've made what I call a magpie nest divination set. I'd handwoven a basket from honeysuckle, which I blogged about yesterday, because it was something I'd always wanted to try crafting. After I'd made it I wondered what to put in it, and realised I had a whole load of bits and bobs such as pebbles, seeds, shells, crystals, charms and tokens from rituals that I'd been collecting in a tin. I decided to put them all into the basket and then suddenly thought it would make a good divination set. 

The idea is that people close their eyes and randomly pick something from the basket, then think about what the object might mean to them or what message it offered. I tried it out myself and the first thing I drew was a little pentacle charm. I felt it was a positive sign that this was a great witchy way of doing divination.

I'll admit the concept of a magpie nest divination isn't originally mine. About a year ago my druid friend Ferdiad said he was making a set. I'm intending to weave him a basket to put his magpie collection into.

I very much enjoy all types of scrying and divination, and regularly teach workshops on things like crystal ball reading. On Wednesday 2 and 9 August  I'm running a two-part online evening class called Scrying: Divination Using Crystals, Mirrors, Water and Fire via the College of Psychic Studies. It is at 7pm on both days. Tickets for the entire course are £75. You can find more details and book here: https://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/

You can find out more about various kinds of divination in my book Pagan Portals - Scrying, published by Moon Books. 

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