Thursday 8 September 2022

Altars: A Practical Space for Scrying and Divination

This is my altar set up for scrying with a crystal ball. It's a practical arrangement using the coffee table in my witchy room, which is a suitable height when I'm sitting on my sofa next to it. It doesn't have to be complicated. All I put on it are things I actually need for the work:

  • Crystal ball on a stand or cushion
  • Candles in a suitable holder
  • Incense (sticks in this case)
  • Wand for circle casting 
  • Journal and pen

I cleansed my space by tidying up then visualising candlelight dispelling unwanted energy. I also visualised the light cleansing my crystal ball of other influences. I lit my incense then used the wand to cast a protective circle around me and the altar. The crystal ball was used for the actual scrying. Afterwards I made notes in my journal.

If I'd wanted to I could have put other things on the altar - perhaps items relating to the question I was asking, a statue of a deity I honour, salty water or a herbal infusion if I'd chosen to cleanse with that instead of light, and other crystals that might boost the effectiveness of my psychic work. However, they aren't essential. Sometimes a simple altar is all you need - especially if you are short of time and energy.

This post continues a series I've been writing about altars. earlier examples include a Goddess altar, a solar altar for sun magic, and Harmonia Saille's hedgewitchery altar

You can learn more about crystal ball reading and other forms of divination in my book Pagan Portals - Scrying. I'm also teaching a two-session online evening class on scrying via the College of Psychic Studies, starting Tuesday 13 October. You can find out the details for that here:

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