Tuesday 5 September 2023

Authors On Their Own Writing: Laura Perry

I've interviewed Minoan spirituality and history specialist Laura Perry about which of their own books she most liked and why, as the second in a mini interview series.

Q: Of the books you’ve written, which is your favourite?

A: I had to think about this question for a bit, because typically, the most recent book I’ve written is my favorite simply because it’s upmost in my mind. But I think overall, of all the books I’ve written since I was first published in 2001, my favorite is Ariadne’s Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in Our Modern Lives.

Q: What’s it about?

A: It’s about inclusive Minoan spirituality in the modern world. In order to connect with an ancient people and their religion, you have to know a little bit about them. So there’s an explanation of who the Minoans were, when and where they lived and how they practiced their religion – in temples, cave shrines, and peak sanctuaries but also in ordinary homes. Then there are rituals designed for modern Pagans to perform: seasonal rituals that span the year plus a lifetime’s worth of rites of passage. It’s a pretty comprehensive collection.

Q: Why is it your favourite?

A: The first edition of Ariadne’s Thread was the first Minoan-themed book I put out into the world. Though I had privately worked with the Minoan deities for years by the time the book was published, its release was the beginning of my public journey that culminated in the birth of Ariadne’s Tribe, an inclusive Minoan spiritual tradition. The second edition of Ariadne’s Thread, which came out just a few months ago, feels like I've come full circle in that journey, since the new edition has all the rituals in the Bronze Age style format that Ariadne’s Tribe now uses. It’s our way, as modern Pagans, of connecting with the ancient Minoans. So I guess that’s another aspect of the “full circle” feeling that comes with the new edition of the book: connecting not just the beginning of my journey with inclusive Minoan spirituality, but also connecting the ancient world with the modern one.

Q: Tell me a bit more about yourself and any other books you’ve written.

A: I’m the founder and Temple Mom of Ariadne’s Tribe, an inclusive Minoan spirituality tradition. I’ve written two books about inclusive Minoan spirituality (Ariadne’s Thread and Labrys and Horns), two other Pagan non-fiction books, a Minoan Tarot deck, a Minoan coloring book, and four novels – two of which are set among the Minoans of ancient Crete. Do you detect a theme? LOL When I’m not obsessing about the Minoans, you can probably find me digging in my vegetable garden or doing living history (heritage interpretation) demonstrations at a local historic site. I’m especially fond of pre-industrial skills like weaving, hand spinning, and hearth cooking.

You can find links to many places Ariadne’s Thread is available here: https://www.lauraperryauthor.com/ariadnes-thread

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