Saturday 28 October 2023

Halloween Crafts: Little Ghosts & Shadow Monsters

I made these little ghosts and shadow monsters out of leftover scraps of wool as Halloween or Samhain decorations. The scraps of were really quite tiny - they were the leftover offcuts from crocheting granny square blankets. This is how to make them:

Lay out several strands of wool together side by side. It's fine if they are slightly uneven lengths as the ghosts and ghouls look better if they are a bit raggedy and spindly. 

Get another strand of wool and tie it tightly around the middle of the other lengths. This is the bit you will use to hang it up from.

Fold the main bunch of strands in half then tie another strand a little way down to form a head and a spooky body.

You could use the monsters to decorate a Halloween tree or hang them up anywhere you like. You could even tie them together to make a long ghostly garland.

I've also blogged about other Halloween crafting and magic: 

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